Album To Check Out: Rhye – Woman

RhyeWhen the music of Los Angeles-based duo Rhye first came out, they were wrapped under a cloak of mystery.  The public’s first impression of the band was via a series of video clips of their song Open. The videos were evocative and sexy. And the music perfectly matched its mood. The voice of the singer in the videos had a soft, sultry inflection to it, not unlike R&B singer Sade. Watching and listening the videos make you want to fall in love. They make you want to make love.

Viewers were definitely intrigued. Who are Rhye? And who is their mysterious singer? Most viewers assumed already that the band’s lead was female and were curious about her identity. When Rhye finally reveiled their identity to the public though, the viewers were in for a surprise. Rhye, as it turns out, is composed of two guys – Toronto-born singer Mike Milosh and Danish producer Robin Hannibal.

This revelation shouldn’t take anything away from Rhye‘s music though. Milosh’s voice is soothing and gentle, perfectly providing an androgynous aura to the music. And Hannibal backs it up with open, aggressive production. This is one of the sexiest and most sensual record released so far this year.

Rhye has since came out with more official videos of their songs. Check the official version of Open embedded below.

Rhye – Woman comes out 3/5 via Loma Vista (order here)



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