Album To Check Out: Young Dreams – Between Places

Young-DreamsFor some reason or another – even though there obviously exists a wide variety of diversity within their genre – when someone mentions to me that a band is from Scandinavia, I start to form a certain image in my mind of what the band sounds like. Maybe it was helped by my impressions of bands such as Shout Out Louds, The Concretes, and Efterklang. But that sound always resemble something soft and dreamy, something atmospheric and poppy. Such is the case of Norwegian pop collective Young Dreams.

Led primarily by composer Matias Tellez and singer Rune Vanderskog, Young Dreams have, at one time or another been composed of a swelling group of up to a dozen people. This orchestration-like numbers have allowed the band to build up swelling synth-filled melodies into their songs that is often very pleasant to the ears.

Now condensed to a solid group of six, Young Dreams are readying their debut record Between Places. Incorporating elements of 60’s symphonic pop, the music is more textured and upbeat than their earlier demos, yet still electronically soothing and pretty. The whole record is anchored by the ten-minute track, The Girl that Taught Me To Drink And Fight, a song that I feel is a soundtrack all to itself.

Watch the video for first single First Days Of Something, where the song is transformed into the centerpiece for the documentary-like clip, embedded below.

Young Dreams – Between Places comes out 3/5 via Modular People (order here)



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