Album To Check Out: Marnie Stern – The Chronicles of Marnia

marnieAmong certain groups of  indie rock enthusiasts, Marnie Stern is a well beloved act. Not only is she highly crush-able and all-out funny on the stage and off, but Stern is well-revered for her technical prowess with the guitar. Seriously, if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go watch Marnie literally pick and shred her electric guitar. If you’re a guitar geek like me, you’ll love it.

The wonderfully titled The Chronicles of Marnia is Marnie Stern‘s fourth full-length record. It is also her first without long-time collaborator and drummer Zach Hill, the yin to Marnie’s yang (Kid Millions took up the drumming duties for this record). Hill’s frenetic drumming has always been the perfect complement to Stern’s furious jamming, so it’s kinda weird to imagine a Marnie Stern record without Hill.

Fans need not worry though. By losing Hill, it seems Marnie has time to focus instead on the melodies and the lyrics of the songs, which actually has allowed the record to be more approachable. While The Chronicles of Marnia is a more pare-down quieter effort relative to her earlier works, it is still a distinctly Marnie Stern record. You can still feel the sweat and energy of Marnie jamming out.

Stream the highly melodic single East Side Glory embedded below.

Marnie Stern – The Chronicles of Marnia comes out 5/19 via Kill Rock Stars (order here)



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