Album To Check Out: Caveman – Caveman

cavemanI first came across New York-based quintet Caveman when they opened for The War On Drugs almost two years ago. Back then, Caveman weren’t signed to a label yet and have just self-released their highly underrated debut record, CoCo Beware. I have never heard of the band before but within the first tribal beating of the drums as their songs started, I was immediately interested. There was something primal and soothing about the songs Caveman did that night and I told myself to keep an eye out on the band.

Led by singer Michael Iwanusa, Caveman brings a certain blend of low-key smoothness to their songs that grow on you. Their self-titled sophomore release finds the band exploring newer avenues in their song craft beyond the tribal drums of their first record. While not as immediate as CoCo Beware, this newer release feels like it will stick with you more. The songs catch your attention without being overly hooky and they relax instead of stimulate. I enjoyed it quite a bit. So much so that I am mad at myself for not being able to catch them a second time when they were back in St Louis two weeks ago for a headlining show. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.

Stream the first two singles from the new record, In The City and Over My Head embedded below.

Caveman – Caveman comes out 4/2 via Fat Possum (order here)



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