Band Discovery: Little Green Cars

Little Green CarsMy newest band discovery is a quintet of twenty somethings from Dublin. Their band is called Little Green Cars (so very Irish of them!) and the music they make is of the folk-rock variety that seems to be all the rage nowadays. Despite the popularity of the genre though, the band still seems to bring something fresh and young to it, maybe because Little Green Cars ARE young and carry with them a sense of youthful innocence.

Led by co-vocalists and guitarists Stevie Apply and Faye O’ Rourke, Little Green Cars engage in boy-girl sing-a-longs backed by some beautiful harmonies from the rest of the group. The music is endearingly catchy yet not so much that it becomes overbearing. Rather, they seem to build on the melodies and attach themselves to you. I would compare them favorably to contemporaries such as Milo Greene mixed with Fanfarlo.

Their debut single The John Wayne came out late last year and upon first listen I loved it immediately. Their debut record The Absolute Zero is coming out later this year and will be something I’ll be keeping my eye on. (ETA: The Absolute Zero came out last Friday 3/29).

Check out the video for The John Wayne embedded below.


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