Album To Check Out: M83 – Oblivion OST

m83When I first heard that Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind electro synth band M83 has been tasked to score the soundtrack of the Tom Cruise-led post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie Oblivion, there was only one thought that ran through my mind – Finally.

If you have been a fan of M83‘s music like I have been for a while now, you would know that the music that M83 creates is perfectly suited for movies. From his past discography, you could easily imagine Before The Dawn Heals Us accompanying an 80s thriller , Saturdays = Youth chronicling teen heartbreak in a John Hughes movie, and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming as a sleek futuristic sci-fi vehicle. M83‘s songs are grand and sweeping and altogether stimulating to the senses. And the larges palettes afforded by a film will only increase the songs’ impact.

Paired together with Joseph Trapanese (the same guy who collaborated with Daft Punk for the soundtrack of the Tron remake), Gonzalez has created a brooding, foreboding sound scape for Oblivion. As these are scores, all of the songs are lyric-less except for the title track and they are more traditionally crafted than M83‘s personal songs. I obviously have not seen Oblivion yet. But listening to the score created by Gonzalez, I can already visualize the closing darkness, the tense firefights, and the ascending triumphs that no doubt the movie will offer. A great soundtrack does not make a movie. But one of the signs of a great movie is a great soundtrack. Though not as distinctive as his personal albums, I can still say that listening to M83‘s Oblivion soundtrack has made me excited for a Tom Cruise movie, which hasn’t happened since about a decade ago.

Stream the Susanne Sundfør featuring title track (which will be run during the movie’s closing credits) embedded below.

M83 – Oblivion OST comes out 4/9 via Back Lot Records (order here)



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2 Responses to Album To Check Out: M83 – Oblivion OST

  1. Ciro says:

    It’s been a while since the movie came out but only now I had the chance to listen this work of Gonzalez.

    It has clear influences of major soundtracks, such as Angelis and Free Association, adding up to the list of amazing sci-fi soundtracks.

    Really pays the due to those who came before, and raises the bar a little bit higher for the next ones. Nice going!

  2. Donald Lee PArdue says:

    “A great soundtrack does not make a movie. But one of the signs of a great movie is a great soundtrack.” Great line !

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