Album To Check Out: Charli XCX – True Romance

CharliCharli XCX is Charlotte Aitchison, the 20 year old singer-songwriter and Great Britain’s latest greatest gift to pop music. Her music is best classified as electro synth-pop, but there are hints and elements of gothy new wave mixed in as well. Together with mainstream counterparts such as Ellie Goulding and Marina & The Diamonds and indie artists such as Grimes, Charli XCX is a big part of the recent resurgence in female singer-songwriters in pop music, of which I very much welcome and am a fan of.

Charli is also part of the recent trend of artists, which includes Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira (my personal favorite), and Icona Pop, who seem to straddle that fine line between mainstream and indie pop. While their music is ready-built for radio and commercial appeal (see how Icona Pop‘s I Love It has now officially become a bro anthem), their aesthetics still appear and/or really are built from the artists themselves. Embraced by both critics and blogs from both sides of the divide, I enjoyed how that line has been blurred. Music shouldn’t be about choosing a side anyways.

Charli XCX‘s debut record, True Romance, is full of those ultra-catchy, bombastic hit singles that seem tailor made for today’s Tumblr generation. Songs like Nuclear Seasons, You (Ha Ha Ha) and What I Like pretty much define what electro-pop today. These songs deserve a wide audience and could easily become mega-hits. I anticipate big things for Charli.

Charli XCX is coming to St Louis! She’s opening for Marina & the Diamonds on 5/19 at the Pageant (tickets here)

Watch the video for the gun-toting, Gold Panda sampling video for You (Ha Ha Ha) embedded below, one of the best songs from an album of great ones.

Charli XCX – True Romance comes out 4/16 via IAMSOUND (order here)



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