Album To Check Out: No Joy – Wait To Pleasure

nojoyHazy shoegazers No Joy first started out as a long-distance collaboration between the Los Angeles-based Jasamine White-Gluz with the Montreal-based Laura Lloyd due to their mutual love of shredding guitars and noisy rock music. Recognizing the chemistry between them, White-Gluz moved to Montreal where the duo’s demos and live performances were warmly received by both critics and fans, including Best Coast‘s Bethany Consentino.

If you had a chance to see the band live, you would understand why this adoration comes easy. I got the chance to check out No Joy last year when they swung by St Louis to open for Lower Dens. All I can say is, after seeing their set, all I wanted to do was give the girls high-fives for being the coolest people in the room with the way they shred their guitars.

Now with newly minted trio with drummer Garland Hastings, No Joy is ready to release their sophomore record Wait To Pleasure. Wait To Pleasure may not be the band’s first record, but it is the first where No Joy has recorded inside a proper studio. You would think that recording inside such a clean environ such as a studio may be anti-conducive to the band’s brand of noise rock, but Wait To Pleasure manages to capture the manic energy and hazy undertones of the band’s live shows. Even better, the new songs of the record added an unexpected element – a new found sense of melody that sneakily lies underneath the noise.

Stream the visual video for spacey first single Lunar Phobia embedded below.

No Joy – Wait To Pleasure comes out 4/23 via Mexican Summer (order here)



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