Concert Gallery: Josh Ritter @ Vintage Vinyl (Record Store Day 2013)

JoshRitter01Last Saturday, April 20, was a very special day for music lovers everywhere. It was Record Store Day and it was time for all music lovers to come out and support their local record stores. With it comes a day full of exclusive (and limited) music releases, loads of freebies, and in-store music performances from your favorite music artists. Record Store Day is always a day I circle on my calendar and one I look very much forward to.

My favorite record store in St Louis is Vintage Vinyl, located in the hip Delmar Loop. Vintage Vinyl is truly an old vanguard among record stores with its huge and diverse selection and with its super friendly staff. The people of St Louis should really count themselves lucky to have such an amazing record store in the city (I know I am!).

Besides a whole day loaded with activities (including free beer, free cupcakes, and free concert ticket giveaways), Vintage Vinyl brought in a bunch of diverse musicians all day to play in-store, the highlight of which is Josh Ritter, who played around lunch time. Playing to a large outdoor crowd mixed with long-time fans and curious spectators, Josh treated the audience to an hour set of his warm mix of lovely folk songs. My favorite part was seeing a big group of kids in front listening to Josh, fascinated by his songs. It was a beautiful performance on a beautiful spring day.

And while a selfish part of myself bemoans how big and commercial Record Store Day has become (I got to my store at 10AM when it opened and stood in line for 3 hours to buy the exclusives and only got 1 of the 5 things I wanted. Three years ago, I got in and out within 15 minutes). It still gladdens my heart to see how successful it was. The store was filled all day with people – both young and old, parents and children and grandparents. It was busy and everyone was smiling. We need to support physical music and local record stores. Viva Record Store Day!

Browse pictures I took from Josh Ritter‘s set including a video of his song In Your Arms again from his newest record The Beast In Its Tracks, as well scenes from Record Store Day at Vintage Vinyl.


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