Album To Check Out: Daughter – If You Leave

Daughter - bandI first heard about Daughter, the London trio of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella almost a year ago today. Back then, the trio had just released a few buzz-worthy EPs to their name, His Young Heart and Wild Youth. The songs that Daughter create are sad and bleak. They come from the hurt and damaged branch of folk music, not the happy go-lucky clap-along kind. In a sense, they are similar to fellow English group, The xx – themes of lonliness, doubt, and anger permeate through songs of calm beauty.

If You Leave, Daughter‘s debut record is the fulfillment of the promise of those earlier EPs. It includes the standout track Youth from the His Young Heart EP. Sparse and melancholy, the songs in If You Leave build upon the haunting imagery provided by Torena’s poetic lyrics. There’s a certain dark beauty to the record that appeals.

Catch the video for first single Still embedded below.

Daughter – If You Leave comes out 4/30 via Glassnote (order here)



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One Response to Album To Check Out: Daughter – If You Leave

  1. Ross CMR says:

    Excited to see what they bring to the Doug Fir Lounge when they stop through Portland on the 18th!

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