Album To Check Out: Savages – Silences Yourself

SavagesI first heard about the London-based four-piece Savages when their single Husbands came out a little over a half-year ago. Listening to the track, there was an immediate urgency to it that struck me as lead singer Jehnny Beth screams, “husbands, husbands” over and over again – her frenzied yelps not unlike early Fever To Tell-era Karen O’s. It was mesmerizing. I told myself I need to get on the bandwagon for this band early.

Over the next few months, as Savages started doing more shows and as tracks from their debut record Silence Yourself started tickling out, the accolades started flowing in. Critics started raving not just for the raw savagery of the band’s music but for the visceral imagery and aesthetics of their live shows. For you see, Savages are a band of four girls who play post-punk in the truest fashion – a stark contrast to the male generated genre they play in. On stage, they cut an imposing figure. Clad in all black, the girls pound you with the ferocious wails of their guitars  and intimidate you with the growl of Jenny Beth’s voice.

Silence Yourself is a misnomer. A band such as as Savages should be heard. Their debut is one of the best this year. The songs in Silence Yourself have a way of getting into your head and crawling under your skin. There’s a vulnerability beneath them that belies their callous nature They feel brutal and intimate at the same time. Either way, you will feel its effects.

Watch the beautifully shot video for single Shut Up embedded below.

Savages – Silence Yourself comes out 5/7 via Matador (order here)

silence yourself


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