Album To Check Out: Wild Nothing – Empty Estate EP

wild nothing - bandWhen Wild Nothing first started, it was just the solo bedroom recordings of Virginian Jack Tatum. Composed of C-86 influenced pop stylings, Wild Nothing‘s debut record Genesis already showed Tatum’s gift and ear for easy-to-like melodies.

With Wild Nothing‘s sophomore record Nocturne, which came out to rave reviews from critics, one can easily see the upward trajectory of Tatum’s musicianship. The music that came from the record, while maintaining the clear-cut melodies of its debut, becomes much fuller and bigger. With a full band behind him and a larger production in play, Nocturne was an incredibly likeable sophomore growth record for Tatum.

Now a quick few months later, Wild Nothing has put out an intermediary EP, Empty Estate. The surprisingly fast turnaround for the EP’s release  proves that Tatum still has much music left within him. How Empty Estate differs from its full length counterparts though is that it is a much more experimental record. Tatum’s voice has grown bolder and more willing to explore new areas for his music. The great news is that none of the melodious nature of his previous work is sacrificed for this left-turn take. Music fans usually are weary of change. But fans of Wild Nothing have nothing to fear. There is plenty to like from this record.

Stream the first single A Dancing Shell embedded below.

Wild Nothing – Empty Estate comes out 5/14 via Captured Tracks (order here)



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