Concert Gallery: Marina and the Diamonds w/ Charli XCX @ The Pageant

Marina24Last Friday night brought Welsh star Marina and the Diamonds along with fellow UK singer Charli XCX to The Pageant for a night of girl power music. Admittedly, I came to the show to see Charli XCX, whose debut album True Romance I really liked (in my opinion, the best pure pop album  released so far this year), but I thought it would be great to check on Marina as well whom I haven’t payed much attention with for the last couple years but have remembered liking her The Family Jewels debut record a few years back.

Charli XCX, given the critical buzz surrounding her record, definitely lived up to the hype. She was a fireball on stage, easily winning the crowd, most of whom were only familiar with the hit song I Love It that she wrote for the Swedish duo Icona Pop. With her strong energy on stage and easy-to-like pop anthems, I can definitely see superstar status in the future for the young Charlotte Aitchison.

Even though I am not the main audience associated with Marina and the Diamonds, around 70% of which were teenage girls judging from the St Louis crowd, I still quite enjoyed the show she put on. Along with multiple costume changes (at least four) and numerous props (giant teddy bear, toy dog, champagne glass), Marina very easily keeps the crowd entertained, many of whom were singing along to all her songs anyways. It was definitely quite a spectacle!

Check out photos from the show below along with the songs I recorded – What I Like and You (Ha Ha Ha) for Charli XCX and I Am Not A Robot for Marina and the Diamonds.



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