Album To Check Out: Majical Cloudz – Impersonator

majicalcloudzMajical Cloudz first started out as the moniker of Canadian duo Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, both from that musically magical place that is Montreal. Welsh does the singing while Otto contributes to the electronic production. Lately though, the Majical Cloudz name has slowly been transformed into a solo platform for Welsh. And it is a move for the better. Though Otto’s electronic touches can’t be understated, it is Welsh’s emotive voice that connects with the listener. While Welsh first came into prominence due to his association with fellow Montreal rising star Grimes, he has slowly but deservedly been getting critical acclaim for the moving music that he creates.

Impersonator is Majical Cloudz‘s debut record after their head-turning Turns Turns Turns EP. And it is a stunning debut. Impersonator is a completely insular, totally emotional, and deeply personal record. It is a record where Welsh bares out all his heart and all his soul to the listener.

While Majical Cloudz create electronic music, it is a minimalist kind of electronic where Welsh’s voice takes center stage instead of some booming bass drops. A lot of times, the backdrop is just a simple piano and Welsh steals the scene with a show-stopping ballad. Impersonator is one of the great records this year and most likely the year’s best debut. I loved this one.

Check out two wonderful tracks from the record, Childhood’s End and Bugs Don’t Buzz embedded below.

Magical Cloudz – Impersonator comes out 5/21 via Matador (order here)



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