Band Discovery: Half Moon Run

half moon runOne of the (many) great things about attending a show is listening and discovering to new music and then loving them after you heard it for the first time. This is especially true for me a lot of the times when I am unfamiliar with the opening band. Coming in with cold ears and no idea of what I am going to hear, it’s a great feeling then to to realize how much you like the opening band and how you now have a new band to try to get to know more of.

Such was the case when I attended the Of Monsters and Men show in Kansas City last Tuesday. The opening band was the Montreal trio Half Moon Run (from seeing the show, it looks like they might be a quartet now). Led by singer/guitarist Devon Portielje, Half Moon Run makes driving psych-folk music. What attracted me to the band though was their three-part harmonies (which reminded in a good way of Fleet Foxes), the pounding tribal drums, the endless energy shown onstage, and some really catchy killer songs.

Half Moon Run came out with their Canadian-only debut record Dark Eyes last year, but have only started to gain wider attention through prime opening gigs with Mumford and Sons, Of Monsters and Men, and Metric. The band has recently signed with indie powerfouse label Glassnote to rerelease Dark Eyes later this year. I fully expect things are about to go big for the band.

Check out the their breakthrough song Full Circle embedded below.


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