Album To Check Out: Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle

lauramarlingYou know, I never realized how young Laura Marling was. While writing this blog entry for Marling’s newest record, the wonderful Once I Was An Eagle, I did some research and realized that I forgot that Marling is only all of 23. I had presumed she was much older than that, and you can never tell listening to her music. There’s a timeless beauty to the songs she create – lonely strums that seemed to have experienced it all. It would take a lifetime of hurt to capture the pain evoked by her songs yet Marling seems to have captured it all ever since her first Mercury-nominated album at the tender age of 17.

Another thing that I realized about Laura Marling is how underrated she is.  All four of her records (including the newest one) exudes steadfast grace and beauty – the kind of songs you could play over and over again without getting tired of and the kind where you find new dimensions to every time you listen to them. While her past beaus seem to have found superstar status then and now – Charlie Fink of Noah and The Whale and Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, Marling still seem stranded in that mid-level of success – critically adored and fiercely loved by her fans, but not achieving break-out stardom. And that is a shame, cause Marling’s output deserves a higher plane of success.

Which brings us to Marling’s newest record – Once I Was An Eagle. It is vintage Marling – loneliness and hurt and anger wrapped up within moodily haunting chords. It is less insular than her previous record, A Creature I Didn’t Know, and the space afforded the songs a chance to breathe and feel even more engaging to the listener. It also feels like a more complete album – the songs flow to each other seamlessly lyrically and rhythm-wise, making for a great listening experience. This is a wisely beautiful record that I adored.

Stream the tracks Where Can I Go and Master Hunter embedded below.

Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle comes out 5/28 via Ribbon (order here)



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