Concert Gallery: The Staves @ Off Broadway

Staves01Last night brought the sisterly trio of The Staves to Off Broadway here in St Louis for an lovely evening of music. The three Stavely-Taylor sisters have built quite a fan-base here in town already where they have visited multiple times over the last few years.

The first time they visited was as the opening act for The Civil Wars where they wowed the audience so much that they received a standing ovation – rare for an opener. I was able to catch them the second time they were in St Louis where they opened for Ben Howard at the Old Rockhouse. As the acoustics (too noisy) and crowd (sadly inattentive) weren’t the best during their show there, I was looking forward to seeing them a second time at a better venue and with a better audience.

Off Broadway was perfect for The Staves. The show was intimate with the stage being only a few feet from everyone in the room and the crowd was rapt in their attention – appropriately silent so everyone can hear the sisters’ beautiful harmonies. The Staves rewarded the audience with some of the prettiest harmonies this side of the Pacific. Over mostly bare strums of the guitar, the songs were brought to life mainly through the power of the band’s voices. And when it started raining during the middle of Mexico, their best song, it just felt altogether appropriate. A very lovely evening.

Check out pictures I took from the show below as well as a live recording of Winter Trees embedded below.


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