Album To Check Out: Crystal Fighters – Cave Rave

crystal_fightersNothing signals the arrival of summer like a fun summer party record. And I might just have found my first one for the year with the new Crystal Fighters record Cave Rave.

Crystal Fighters are a folky synth-pop six-piece from Navarra, Spain. Similar to their countrymen in Delorean, Crystal Fighters play a form of Balearic house dance music, meaning you’re going to get a lot of eclectic European-influenced beach rave dance songs (the sound of Ibiza as they say), although Crystal Fighters are a lot more woodsy in their approach This style of music will paint for you a picture of late-night dance parties at the beach lasting way into the morning. This is not the sweat-inducing kind of aggressive summer dance anthems. Rather it is one that is breezy and comfortable and cool – a summer of carefree fun.

It took a while for Crystal Fighters to get their name across when they first released their debut record Star of Love back in 2010 in their native Europe (It took the album two years before being properly released in these United States). They should have less of a problem with their sophomore record Cave Rave. Expanding on the sound of Star of Love, Cave Rave is immediately catchy and instantaneously infectious. It should get you ready to dance for the summer pretty quickly.

Watch the sad video for the happy first single You & I embedded below.

Crystal Fighters – Cave Rave comes out 5/28 via Atlantic (order here)



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