Album To Check Out: Disclosure – Settle

disclosureIf you have been paying close attention to the music community, you will no doubt notice one of the hottest acts going on among music circles right now. I’m talking about the UK-based electronic dance band Disclosure. Composed of the young brotherly duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence (they’re only 21 and 18, omg!), Disclosure has sky-rocketed from being a buzzy much-hyped band back when they released their great remix of the Jessie Ware track Running to being an in-demand megastar to their native UK, with the US audience quickly gaining traction.

Much of it, of course is well-deserved. Take a look at their debut record Settle. Instead of mining and exploiting the current EDM dance craze, Disclosure went the other direction and decided to create an eclectic mix of styles, using such varied sources as house dance, RnB, and garage rock. Their tracks zigs when most people expect it to zag, making the listen much more pleasurable.

Sure, none of what Disclosure does is new, but they combine so many elements so well that it’s hard to complain. And when paired with an all-star cast of other buzzy artists such as the after-mentioned Jessie Ware, AlunaGeorge, Jaimie Woon, and London Grammer, among others to sing in their tracks, well, it’s a no wonder Disclosure has stumbled upon a sure-fire way to make you listen. And dance.

Watch the video for my favorite track from the record, When A Fire Starts To Burn.

Disclosure – Settle comes out 6/4 via Island Records (order here)



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