Album To Check Out: Braids – In Kind // Amends EP

braidsRaphaelle Standell-Preston, the lead singer of Braids has had a busy year so far, one that is marked by progress and change. Earlier this year, she and her friend Agor Cowan, as part of the electronic music duo Blue Hawaii, released their sophomore album – the lovely, tender Untogether. Blue Hawaii allows Standell-Preston to tap into the rhythm-focused side of her musical brain and this showed up in the dancier tracks of Untogether.

While Blue Hawaii is lighter and sweeter, Standell-Preston’s main band Braids focuses more on the intense and sensual side of music. The first record they released, 2011’s Native Speaker was one of the my favorite albums released from recent years. Later this August, Braids will be releasing their follow-up to it with Flourish // Perish. Progress does come with change though as original Braids band member Katie Lee has left the band. Thankfully, Braids have soldered on. And to help prepare it’s listeners for Flourish // Perish, the band has released an intermediary EP In Kind // Amends.

In Kind // Amends, as its name describes feature two tracks from the upcoming Flourish // Perish along with two additional B-Side tracks, Near Enough and A Dawn In Me. After listening to the EP, my appetite for new Braids music has substantially been whetted. The new tracks feel like a progression from what Native Speaker has started – they flow and seep into your skin like a warm dose of embrace. These are beautiful tracks and I can’t wait to hear more. August can’t come soon enough.

Listen to In Kind, my favorite of the two main tracks embedded below.

Braids – In Kind // Amends EP comes out 6/11 via Arbutus (order here)



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