Band Discovery: Houndmouth

houndmouthOne of my sub-goals when I went to Bonnaroo earlier this month was that I wanted to check out some new up-and-coming bands that I did’t know a lot about. Unfortunately (or fortunately) because there was so many great bands that I wanted to see at the festival, I ended up not having any time at all left in my schedule to see these up-and-coming bands. That was minor failure on my part.

One of the up-and-coming bands that I wanted to see was Houndmouth, a four-piece folk-rock group from Indiana. Infusing their road-worn folk sound with boy-girl medleys and some poundings of garage-rock guitars, Houndmouth creates travel-worthy sing-alongs that are a lot of fun. Musically, they share a kindred old-soul roots-driven musical spirit with the Alabama Shakes, whom they are opening for on their current tour.

My friend who went with me to Bonnaroo had the chance to see Houndmouth play and she told me she loved their set. Having listened to the band’s debut record From the Hills Below the City (which just came out earlier this month on Jun 4) after I came back from Bonnaroo, I am now silently kicking myself for missing their set. It is well-worth your time to check Houndmouth out!

Check out the video for their first single On The Road embedded below.


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