Concert Gallery: Speedy Ortiz @ The Blank Space

SpeedyOrtiz04Last night brought Western Massachusetts indie rockers Speedy Ortiz to St Louis for a fuzzy night of rock and roll at the basement of The Blank Space at the hip Cherokee district. I wasn’t sure initially if I was gonna go, bu I had a really stressful day and I knew I needed to unwind. So what better way to unwind than by spacing out and rocking out to some loud jams by Speedy Ortiz.

Hot off some critical buzz for their debut record Major Arcana (they just got a BNM from Pitchfork), Speedy Ortiz were able to attract a decent size crowd to last night’s show for being a relatively unknown band. There, the band brought out the head rush with the throbbing push of their music, tempered by the vulnerably raw and sardonically biting lyrics from lead singer Sadie Dupuis.

Check out photos from the show below as well as a video of the band performing Cash Cab.


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