Concert Gallery: Chairlift @ The Firebird

Chairlift08Last night brought Brooklyn’s Chairlift to St Louis for a fun night of dancing at the Firebird. I was able to catch Chairlift last year for an amazing aftershow at Lollapalooza after their scheduled set at the festival got rain-stormed out. They brought the same energy last night to St Louis, setting the crowd up for a fun dancing frenzy.

Chairlift mainly playing songs from their sophomore album Something (which I loved), but they also debuting three new songs for their upcoming record. According to Chairlift’s Caroline whom I talked with after the show (she’s super sweet!), they plan to start mastering the record during the winter and hope to release early next year. The three new songs were all really good, two of which were mid-tempo dance songs (one of which uses a very fun cash register sample, ka-ching!) and the other being a slower ballad (which I was able to record below).

St Louis’s own Nee opened the show. They play ultra-fun, very glam songs, not unlike Robyn, letting the dance party start early. Nee‘s Kristin Dennis designed a really cool summery poster for the show that I was able to get Caroline to sign and drabble on. Check it in the gallery below along with other photos from the show (it was really dark)!



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