Album To Check Out: Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes

Canadian band Half Moon Run sitting togetherOne of the bands that I had a chance to feature on my Band Discovery series of posts was Montreal quintet Half Moon Run. I first saw Half Moon Run when I was in Kansas City last month where they opened for Of Monsters and Men. Not knowing who they were before I got to see them, I was immediately impressed by the group’s incredible energy, as well as by its driving psych-folk music and harmonies led by frontman Devon Portielje.

Even when it was only my first time experiencing Half Moon Run, I was already vigorously nodding my head and stomping my feet due to their songs’ inherent catchiness. Apparently, Half Moon Run has been steadily winning bigger and bigger bases of fans and critics this way as they had been opening for not only Of Monsters and Men, but also Mumford and Sons and Metric.

Half Moon Run have actually released their debut record Dark Eyes last year exclusively in their native county of Canada. They are now prepping Dark Eyes for a wider international release after signing with big-shot indie label Glassnote. To entice people who already have a copy of the Canadian Dark Eyes, Half Moon Run have remastered some of the album’s original tracks. In addition, they are offering a new song – the darkly sad and beautiful Unofferable as a bonus track to an already great collection in Dark Eyes. Big things are happening for Half Moon Run, so be sure to check them out.

Stream first single Full Circle embedded below.

Half Moon Run – Dark Eyes comes out 7/23 via Glassnote (order here)



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