Album To Check Out: Typhoon – White Lighter

typhoonphotocreditjaclyncampanaroWhen I first heard about the band Typhoon around two years ago, the first thing that drew my attention was the size of the band. The Portland-based band had an Edward Sharpe-like 11 members to their band. For a band of it’s size, you would imagine Typhoon to have those huge roaring, booming, memorable sing-a-longs that large member-ed bands often do. And Typhoon does have some of that. The songs that they created have a presence of uplifting joy in them. But that is not the trait that defines Typhoon‘s songs.

Rather, there is a personal element to the songs. All things considered, Typhoon is still brainchild of one Kyle Morton. Morton, who battled Lyme disease growing up, writes his song behind the perspective of someone struggling, someone willing to fight and overcome. There is a literate beauty to his lyrics and melodies. And they are loudly conveyed even within the noise of the huge band. So yes, Typhoon is a big band of friends who came together whilst playing in each other’s living room, but they still relate to the feelings of one young man.

Typhoon‘s newest record, White Lighter (which was partially funded through Kickstarter), shows exactly the depth of these feelings. Building upon the foundation the band laid with last year’s underrated EP A New Kind of House, Typhoon fills White Lighter with an underlying swell of emotion. After the album was recorded, Morton wrote an impassioned letter to the band’s fans explaining the role of his childhood disability in creating White Lighter. You sense the importance the record has for Morton. Allow him then the indulgence of being listened.

Typhoon are coming to play in St Louis. They’ll be playing at the Old Rockhouse on 9/17 (tickets here)

Stream the video of first single Dreams of Cannibalism embedded below.

Typhoon – White Lighter comes out 8/20 via Roll Call (order here)



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