Album To Check Out: Superchunk – I Hate Music

superchunkSuperchunk just keeps on going. For the younger generation (myself included), we may only know Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance to be the founders of the North Carolia-based superstar indie label Merge Records – or what most people know as the record label of Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel, She & Him, and probably some other of your favorite bands.

What we forget or may only be peripherally aware of is that McCaughan and Ballance are also the founders of the band Superchunk. The reason being that Superchunk only recently starting recording albums again after a ten-year hiatus, beginning with last year’s Majesty Shredding and continuing with their latest (and tenth overall record) I Hate Music. So for many of the younger generation, we have only properly heard Majesty Shredding and not the albums before them.

But like fine wine, Superchunk only gets better with age. Even after all these years, the band still knows how to get it down. The music they create is pure rhythmic power pop – songs that bounce and play around your ears. And I Hate Music may actually end up being their best record yet. Darker than their earlier albums, I Hate Music still maintains that popful pleasure that have defined Superchunk‘s music through the years. Music may be a young man’s game, but never, ever count Superchunk out.

Watch the vinyl-loving video for single Me & You & Jackie Mittoo embedded below.

Superchunk – I Hate Music comes out 8/20 via (where else?) Merge (order here)



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