Album To Check Out: DIANA – Perpetual Summer

dianaWhy do the interesting bands always come from Canada? Whether it is the well-loved super-groups like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, or the experimental electronics of Grimes and Magical Cloudz, I have always loved the musical scene that have come out of Canada. Here is their latest addition – DIANA.

DIANA‘s back-story showed how the inter-winding Toronto musical community contributed in forming the band. Started by Joseph Shabason (the sax player for Destroyer) and Kieran Adams, DIANA actually started with two guys with musical ideas in tow but with no singer to lead them. In comes Austra touring guitarist Carmen Elle. With Elle, Shabason and Adams have found the muse to channel the swirling ambiance of the music they have created. (They have since been joined by newest member Paul Matthew).

Perpetual Surrender is DIANA‘s debut record. The music of Perpetual Surrender is pure electronic chillwave with hints RnB sax and psychedelia. It’s futuristic yet paradoxically retro. Through the dense and the haze of the music, is the clarity of Elle’s voice, carrying the whole thing along and making it work. The Toronto music scene just came together and produced another band to watch.

Watch the video for first single Born Again embedded below.

DIANA – Perpetual Surrender comes out 8/20 via Jagjaguwar (order here)



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