Album To Check Out: Delorean – Apar

DeloreanThe band Delorean like it’s time-traveling namesake has in its ability to carry you to a different period and place. The Spanish quartet makes extensive use of Balearic-style music to create a mood that takes you back to a time when everything was carefree and worry-less. When all you want to do is just dance and bask in happiness. Making combined use of 90s house and techno music, the vibe created is one that is just as home on the beach as it is on a club rave. It’s blissful and free.

For their second full length record, Apar, Delorean travels down a darker path. According to lead singer Ekhi Lopetegi, this was a result of the band experiencing failed relationships as well as the gloomy economical landscape facing their home country of Spain while the band was doing its recording. As a result, the themes of the album are darker, the synths and reverbs less airy and more tight. Still, not all the sun and froth has disappeared from the record. Balearic music is inherently a music of celebration and the band channels it well here. The gloom is still something you can dance to. Delorean made sure of that.

Stream lead single Destitute Time embedded below.

Delorean – Apar comes out 9/10 via True Panther (order here)

delorean apar


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