Concert Gallery: Daughter @ Plush

Daughter08Sunday night brought UK trio Daughter over to Plush here in St Louis for an evening of wonderful music. Led by singer Elena Tonra, Daughter create haunting versions of folk music awash amidst an ethereal cloth of beauty. And they showed it Sunday night. Set over dark, moody lights, the band came out and played their songs in precision. Using little stage banter in their set, Daughter have created an atmosphere where you just get overtaken by the romantic sadness of the songs and the quiet pleas of Tonra’s voice.

That spell was broken though near the end of their set while the band was playing their most famous song, Youth. Tonra got flustered and forgot part of the lyrics and the band had to stop mid-song. The crowd though showered her with love and adoration and endless cheers. And Tonra, tearily returned the love and thanked the audience. It was all quite adorable really and actually made me love the band even more.  It showed that Daughter are human after all.

Fellow UK openers Bear’s Den are a folk-inspired trio who looked and sounded a lot like Mumford and Sons, right down to the heavy beards, banjo instrumentation, rousing choruses, and Christian imagery in their lyrics. Singer Andrew Davie sound so much like Marcus Mumford that I had to do a double-take when I heard his voice. I actually highly enjoyed their set, similarities and all.

Browse photos from the show below. Check out also the after-mentioned video of Elena being flustered during Youth as well as Daughter performing Smother and Bear’s Den performing Hard Life.


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