Album To Check Out: Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day

mazzystarIt has been a good seventeen years since we had a proper Mazzy Star record. Through those seventeen years, some of us may have forgotten about vocalist Hope Sandoval and guitarist Dave Roback, but their undeniable influence to music is ever-present. You see, for those unfamiliar, even though Mazzy Star have only produced three full length records, they have perfected the dreamy shoegaze sound that a lot of current indie bands like Beach House and Widowspeak owe their influence to. Add to it the lovely soft, fluttery vocals of Sandoval and the result are songs that pull you up to the clouds and awash you with its haze.

We first got hints of a Mazzy Star reunion when they came out with two new songs (Common Burn and Lay Myself Down) in late 2011, then followed up with a performance in Coachella a few months later. But it took an additional year and a half before Mazzy Star finally announced their long-awaited new record, Seasons of Your Day. Hey, what’s an another year and half after waiting seventeen full years anyway? And from the sound of the new record, it feels like the band have never left. There’s warm familiarity and tone to the new songs that recalls vintage Mazzy Star. You’ll feel the tenderness of Sandoval’s voice and the beauty of Roback’s strums. Mazzy Star, we missed you.

Watch the video for single California embedded below.

Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day comes out 9/24 via Rhymes of an Hour (order here)



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