Album To Check Out: Bill Callahan – Dream River

billcallahanBill Callahan has steadily built for himself a sturdy little library. First under the moniker Smog, then under his own name, Callahan has quietly amassed, since the early 90s, a discography of near twenty record. While as Smog, Callahan started out creating works of experimental distortion, his later works under his name have found Callahan wizened up and slowing things down. And that’s what Bill Callahan‘s music is right now – sturdy and quiet. Callahan sings with a steady grace and a stoic beauty, his voice never harried and little mono-toned, which suits his natural baritone and the simple chords he strums really well.

On his newest record Dream River, we find Callahan once again musing about nature, all at his own leisurely pace. It’s a comforting and relaxing record – clipping along and examining the beauty around him in the way that it should. There’s no highs or lows in a Bill Callahan record, and that’s how Callahan wants it. You’ll enjoy this steady ride as well.

Bill Callahan is coming to St Louis. He’ll be playing at the Old Rock House on 10/16 (tickets here)

Watch a live video of Bill Callahan singing Dream River track Small Plane for NPR embedded below.

Bill Callahan – Dream River comes out 9/10 via Drag City (order here)



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