Album To Check Out: Icona Pop – This Is … Icona Pop

iconapopIt goes without saying that you probably have heard of Icona Pop, the Swedish pop duo of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, already. If not the band, then definitely their hit song I Love It (written by Charli XCX and gifted to the duo), which was all over the top 40 radio stations this summer. With it’s simple anthemic cry of “I don’t care…I love it”, you can be sure that I Love It is going to soundtrack endless late night parties and summer jams from time memorial forward. The danger of such an out-of-nowhere hit as I Love It is that it places Icona Pop in the unenviable position of being a one-hit wonder if they don’t come up with a successful follow-up song. That is why there is quite a bit of interest for the band’s debut record, This Is…Icona Pop.

Well, no worries. The good news is that Icona Pop won’t be bereft of hits with their new album. This Is…Icona Pop is full of those catchy EDM-infused pop songs that made I Love It such an earworm. Songs such as Girlfriend, All Night, and Then We Kiss follows the same easy formula of major chords, catchy one-liners, and bass drops that will have you immediately up and dancing the first time you hear these songs. This Is…Icona Pop is going to be my guilty pleasure album of 2013, I shouldn’t be liking it this much since the songs are so simplistic. But I don’t care, I love it.

Check out the video for the girl power sister anthem Girlfriend embedded below.

Icona Pop – This Is…Icona Pop comes out 9/24 via Big Beat Records (order here)



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