Album To Check Out: Au Revoir Simone – Move in Spectrums

aurevoirsimoneIt has been quite a few years since we have heard from the Brooklyn-based Au Revoir Simone. It was back in 2009 when the trio of Erika Foster, Annie Hart, and Heather D’Angelo last released a record together. Since then, the members of the band have engaged in solo music projects and other personal endeavors. In some sense, I have quietly missed the music of Au Revoir Simone. The three ladies create ethereal synth pop that recalls the best of the Lætitia Sadier-led Stereolab. All three members sing and play keyboard (they are an all-keyboard band that use drum machines) and the result is a sound that straddles the line between heavenly consonance and ghostly beauty. The blend of the music and the voices have a reassuring feel to it that elevates the listener to a higher plane of respite. It’s all so very pretty.

Four years later, Au Revoir Simone are ready for their newest and latest record, Move in Spectrums. Similar to their previous record, Still Night Still Light, the band have taken a relatively more bombastic tack to their songs compared to their earlier albums. The drumbeats are more pronounced and the choruses more bold. This is still vintage Au Revoir Simone though. The songs, they still hypnotize you with their airy lushness and beauty. And knowing that these type of songs from the band are back satisfies me.

Check out the video for single Somebody Who embedded below.

Au Revoir Simone – Move in Spectrums comes out 9/24 via Instant Records (order here)



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