Album To Check Out: HAIM – Days Are Gone

HaimI have spoken gushingly about sisterly band HAIM multiple times before in my blog. The trio of Danielle (lead guitar and vocals), Este (bass), and Alana (keys and rhythm), plus new fledged full member Dash Hutton (percussion) captured bloggers’ and critics’ hearts and attention beginning last year with excellent singles in Forever and Falling that recalls the best of Fleetwood Mac with their mix California-style pop rock. Mix in some wonderful harmonies and an incredible energy and sense of fun to their live sets, and you have an instant mix of success.

Now a year later, HAIM are ready for their debut record Days Are Gone. Days Are Gone showcases the sisters at their best. And what they are best at is with pop-rock. Filled with catchy hooks and energetic beats, I would dare-say that Days Are Gone is one of this year’s best in the pop level. Longtime followers of HAIM will already be intimately familiar with the record as more than half of the songs in the album have already been released by the band as singles or in earlier EPs (those overall, were also the best songs from the record). But that doesn’t diminish the enjoyment that the listener will feel from rocking out to these songs.

Finally, I must add that if you get the chance, definitely go see HAIM live. I have seen them twice (at Bonnaroo and at a Lollapalooza aftershow) and both times I highly enjoyed their set. There is an amazingly high level of energy to HAIM‘s performance that is hard to recreate from just listening to their record. And that energy elevates their songs by a huge notch. My favorite part though is how much the sisters just enjoy playing with each other and just having FUN. They are a family band and that makes them great.

Watch the extremely catchy new single The Wire embedded below.

HAIM – Days Are Gone comes out 9/30 via Columbia (order here)



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