Concert Gallery: The Lumineers @ Chaifetz Arena

Lumineers11Last Friday night brought Denver folk rockers The Lumineers to Chaifetz Arena in St Louis. It was only back in April of 2012 that the band visited St Louis, when their self-titled record just came out. They played at the intimate Duck Room in Blueberry Hill and I still regret not attending that show. But then Ho Hey and mainstream radio happened and The Lumineers got really, really big in the interim. Now a year and a half later, The Lumineers are back in St Louis and they are playing at an arena.

I’m not a big fan of arena shows in general, personally preferring the smaller club shows. And there definitely were aspects of the show Friday night that I did not not enjoy – the drunken crowd who only know and care about one song of the band, distance from the stage, and inferior sound being made more inferior by crowd chatter. But I would be remiss if I don’t admit that The Lumineers definitely brought it that night with their energy  and love for performance.

The Lumineers have an old fashion charm and an earnest sincerity in the way they play that easily endears them to the crowd.  And with big sing-along songs like Stubborn Love and Big Parade, they have the crowd singing and dancing in their feet. My favorite part of the show though is when the band recreated the sense of intimacy from their earlier shows by descending upon the concert floor to play two songs amongst the audience. The Lumineers may be an arena band now but they didn’t forget where they came from yet.

Check out photos from the show below of The Lumineers and openers Dr Dog and watch videos of the band playing Flowers In Your Hair and the intimate Darlene.


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