Album To Check Out: Dark Side – Psychic

darksideNicolas Jaar, the young Chilean-born Brown-educated electronic and house producer, has been regarded among music circles as something of a wunderkind. His critically-loved 2011 debut record, Space Is Only Noise,  tracked high scores among various publications and was nominated multiple times for being the best of the year. More recently, his Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 was voted as the best by listeners for 2012. Drawing upon the low end of the BPM cycle, Jaar’s compositions explores the space between music and finds the quiet beauty within them.

So with this success and higher profile in hand, Nicolas Jaar did what most people in his position wouldn’t. He went a different direction. Forming a collaboration with his guitarist Dave Harrington, Jaar founded Darkside. The partnership between Jaar and Harrington attempts to marry the minimalist house beats that Jaar creates with other disparate genres such as Daft Punk style techno and murky psychedelic rock. The end result, as can be expected from Jaar, is something of pure beauty.The whirling combination of the drones and synths in Psychic serve only to introduce you to the mass of breathing, pulsating space rock within. Jaar and Harrington explores the possibilities of music, letting each note and in-between note inhibit you. This one is great.

Stream the massive opening track Golden Arrow embedded below.

Darkside – Psychic comes out 10/8 via Other People/Matador  (order here)



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