Album To Check Out: Cults – Static

cultsBack in 2010, the young New York couple of singer Madeline Follin and guitarist Brian Oblivion, otherwise known as Cults came out with a little song called Go Outside. With its retro vibe and light breezy lyrics , Go Outside quickly became a buzzy summer hit and elevated Cults to being signed to a major label. Their debut self-titled record expanded upon this retro vibe utilizing Cults‘ perchance for catchy jingles and 60s girl-group sound to great enhancement. Cults the record was a very enjoyable summer record.

Now, three years later, a couple of things have changed. For one, Cults have expanded into a five piece band while touring for their first record. For another, Follin and Oblivion are no longer a couple, though still continuing upon their partnership musically. More importantly, Cults have decided to adopt a harsher, more aggressive sound for their new record Static that is a departure from the debut’s sweetness. It’s not all harsh though as Follin’s honey voice makes sure of that. But there definitely is a conscious change in how Cults make their sound more progressive, pulling it forward from that 60s scene. The band though, still know how to mix in those great catchy melodies into their music. And that’s  what going to keep people tuned in.

Watch the video for first single High Road embedded below.

Cults – Static comes out 10/15 via Columbia (order here)



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