Album To Check Out: The Head and The Heart – Let’s Be Still

head-and-the-heart-the-4fcae4470c08dSeattle nu-folk six-piece The Head and The Heart started simply enough. Led by the trio of voices between singers Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell, and Charity Rose Thielen, The Head and The Heart started band life in 2009 by actively playing gigs around their home base in Seattle and selling home made CDs to the people who came to the shows Pretty soon though, word of mouth about the band quickly grew and their fanbase exponentially expanded. A year later, the band was signed by local indie big-shot Sub Pop, and the band find themselves touring in support of such heavyweights as The Dave Matthews Band. The thing is, it wasn’t hard to see how the band found success so quickly. Their self-titled debut is an immensely likeable record, not just for the songs’ catchy simple melodies and heartfelt rootsy lyrics, but also for the band’s everyman hardworking image.

With this new-found success, it would be easy for The Head and The Heart to rest on their laurels for their sophomore record Let’s Be Still. Happily, the band is not satisfied with that. Rather, Let’s Be Still finds The Head and The Heart sonically stretching themselves in both in ambition and in score.

Let’s Be Still is a grander, fuller, more complete album than it’s predecessor. It finds the band going beyond the easy folk songs of the earlier record and expanding into clear-eyed country and full-turn ballads. Beyond everything though,  Let’s Be Still still has at it’s center The Head and The Heart‘s clean heartfelt passion. And that ‘s what makes them appealing.

The Head and The Heart are coming to St Louis next week. They’ll be playing at The Pageant on 10/22 (tickets here)

Watch the lyric video for single Another Story embedded below.

The Head and The Heart – Let’s Be Still comes out 10/15 via Sub Pop (order here)



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