Concert Gallery: The Head and The Heart @ The Pageant and Vintage Vinyl

HatH01Last night brought Seattle six-piece The Head and The Heart for a packed show at The Pageant here in St Louis. Though it was a cold, gloomy, cloudy night (“reminds me of Seattle”, singer Jonathan Russell commented), the band brought a sense of warmth to the stage. There is always something so reassuring and comforting about The Head and The Heart and their songs. The simple folky structure of their songs belie its rootsy depths and earnest everyman lyrics. When I am at a The Head and The Heart concert and hear their songs, I feel I am amongst family and friends despite their absence. It just makes you feel good.

Earlier in the afternoon, the three lead singers of the band, Russell, Josiah Johnson, and Charity Rose Thielen played a free six-song acoustic set at St Louis’s local record shop, Vintage Vinyl. I took a late lunch from work to travel to see them and I’m so glad I did. In many ways, The Head and The Heart‘s acoustic shows are just as good as their full band performances. The “heart” of the band has always been the harmonies between the three leads and on a acoustic setting amidst the simple strumming chords of the guitars, their harmonies shine.

The band did a similar acoustic show at Vintage Vinyl two years ago before their show at the smaller Blueberry Hill back when they were just starting out. Now that they are a much bigger and more famous band, it’s pretty cool that they are still doing these free shows. It just shows their love for music and for their fans. And I love them for that.

Catch photos I took from both shows as well as videos of Shake and Another Story that I took from the acoustic show.


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