Album To Check Out: Lucius – Wildewoman

luciusDuring Tuesday night’s The Head and The Heart show at The Pageant, Josiah Johnson asked the crowd if they were able to see Lucius the night before when they played at Blueberry Hill as they were good friends of the band. I was scrambling my brain trying to figure out where I heard the name Lucius before. And then I realized it. Lucius is the name of the five-piece throwback band led by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, who sang in the San Fermin record that I gushed about the week before in this here blog.

I also found out that Lucius just released their debut record Wildewoman. And given how much I love Wolfe and Laessig’s harmonies in San Fermin, I knew I have to hear their own band’s record. Lucius actually has a very defined aesthetic and sound that they created for themselves. Getting inspiration from 60s era girl groups, Lucius incorporates their heavenly harmonies with a fierce soul and R&B take on that bygone era. It’s all very soothing and altogether beautiful. On stage, you will see the band with matching outfits, with Wolfe and Laessig themselves with matching hairstyles sequin dresses, further transforming you into that 60s era. I enjoyed this band a bit and what they are trying to achieve so much so that I’m bummed I missed their Monday show!

Watch the video for single Go Home embedded below.

Lucius – Wildewoman comes out 10/15 via Mom+Pop (order here)



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One Response to Album To Check Out: Lucius – Wildewoman

  1. I love this album! I just chose it as my 14th favourite of the year on my blog. I actually never made the connection with San Fermin, which I just recently heard on NPR, and didn’t realize I was listening to the same singers! Thanks!

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