Favorite Songs of 2013

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Well, it’s about that time of the year.  After a full year of listening to songs, attending concerts, and contemplating lyrics, it’s time to reveal my year-end list for the best of 2013 in music. It’s always hard to quantify why a song or album is better than another, so I’ll just preface by saying that these are my subjective favorites. There’s nothing objective about this list.

We’ll start off with my favorite songs of the year today, before going on to list my favorites shows among the ones I attended tomorrow. We’ll then finish off with my favorite albums for the year next week.

A quick note about the songs list. These are songs that appear as tracks on full-length albums that were released for 2013. Some of the songs (like The Mother We Share from Chvrches, for example) have appeared as singles or on EPs in the years prior, but I still consider them very much as being part of 2013.

There are two bands in this list which have multiple entries. They should give you a very good idea of what my favorite albums of 2013 are.

20. Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy

19. Savages – Husbands

18. Foals – My Number

17. Phophorescent – Song For Zula

16. Local Natives – You & I

15. San Fermin – Sonasick

14. Phoenix – Entertainment

13. Majical Cloudz – This Is Magic

12. Arcade Fire – Here Comes The Night Time

11. HAIM – The Wire

10. Little Green Cars – The John Wayne

09. Foxygen – San Francisco

08. The Knife – Full of Fire

07. Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey

06. Volcano Choir – Byegone

05. Glass Candy – Warm in the Winter

04. Lorde – Royals

03. Chrvches – The Mother We Share

02. Arcade Fire – Afterlife

An already amazing song is complemented by a phenomenal video. This broke my heart the first time I saw it. My favorite video of the year bar none. (Directed by Emily Kai Bock, who also directed my favorite video last year, GrimesOblivion)

01. Vampire Weekend – Step

But my favorite song of the year still goes to Step – a song that reminisces about youth and leaving that hidden space before you find maturity. To finding love and existence. And embodying all that as an ode to music.


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4 Responses to Favorite Songs of 2013

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  3. imveryape says:

    I love when I read a list and I can agree with almost every pick. Great work.

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