Favorite Concerts of 2013

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Here are my 10 Favorite Concerts for 2013! This year, I attended 27 concerts, not including the music festivals I attended (Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Loufest). The festivals are not included in the list. I may attend a couple more shows later this month, but for the purpose of getting this list out, we’ll do a cutoff at the beginning of December.

10. The Staves @ Off Broadway

A heartfelt serenade from a harmonious sisterly trio.


09. Kishi Bashi @ The Firebird

Starting 2013 off right with some violin wizardry.


08. Speedy Ortiz @ The Blank Space

A first look at a young up and coming band at a tiny eclectic venue.


07. Dawes @ Off Broadway

Dawes played for over two hours non-stop. They won me over early.


06. Sigur Ros @ The Fabulous Fox

Only a fabulous theater such as the Fox can properly contain the thundering majesty of Sigur Ros.


05. Foals @ The Pageant

The amount of wild dancing in this makes me happy.


04. Vampire Weekend @ The Pageant

A chance to see and dance along with one of my favorite bands playing their best record to date and one if not the best record of the year.


03. The Lone Bellow @ The Old Rock House

Came in with smallest amount of expectations and came out with my mind blown by the level of effort by the band. They sang their hearts out and they told jokes. We clapped and we stomped. Everyone sweated.


02. The Postal Service @ The Midland

To think I almost considered selling the ticket I had for this since I had to travel to Kansas City. But I’m glad I didn’t cause I got to see the old gang together again – Ben, Jenny, and Jimmy, for what turns out to be their second to last show before Lollapalooza. It was nostalgic and magical.


01. Neutral Milk Hotel @ The Blue Note/ Jeff Mangum @ The Sheldon

To see my favorite band ever and the man who inspired me to love music in their reunion twice in the same year, I don’t think there would be any other show that I would love more in my lifetime. The two shows, intimate and reverential with the solo Magnum and rapturous and wild with the reunited NMH are so different yet so perfect in their own ways.



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