Album To Check Out: Warpaint – Warpaint

WarpaintIt has been a good three and a half long years since we have last heard from the LA-based all-girl foursome Warpaint. Back in 2009, when the trio of guitarist and lead vocalist Emily Kokal, lead guitarist Theresa Wayman, and bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg (along with RHCP member Josh Klinghoffer who played drums) debuted their EP Exquisite Corpse, we were treated to a group of darkly beautiful psychedelic songs that immediately haunted your soul. It was as if someone took Kate Bush and put her in a band. The songs were fully formed a year later when Warpaint released them as part of their debut full length The Fool. Drummer Mozgawa also joined the band making the band a true blend of girl power.

The Fool and Warpaint were adored both by critics and fans. That’s why it was a bummer when we lost contact of Warpaint for those three and half years. But fret not, for Warpaint are finally back with a new record. Their self-titled sophomore record is the first record I am looking forward to this new year.

Sonically, Warpaint the record continues what the band has accomplished with The Fool, plus some tricks along the way. There is beauty in the new-found minimalism and hypnotic chanting  (“Love is to die, love is to not die…“) psychedelia found in the record. The songs, they just work into you so easily and effortlessly that they almost seem to envelop you. And even though Warpaint the record can be considered an extension of The Fool, the band’s sound seems fresh partly because we haven’t heard from them for the longest time and partly because they are at the forefront in this year’s new record release. By all indications, 2014 is off to a fantastic start. This is a great record.

Stream the excellent single Biggy embedded below.

Warpaint – Warpaint comes out 1/21 via Rough Trade (order here)



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