Album To Check Out: I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro

I-Break-HorsesI Break Horses is the band name of Swedish Maria Linden and Fredrik Balck. A few years back, I happen to catch the band opening for M83 during the latter’s Hurry Up Your Dreaming tour. I was immediately enamored by their sound. I Break Horses create music  that is hauntingly romantic and dreamy. The music makes you feel like you’re floating in clouds and discovering love for the first time.

The tour came on the heels after I Break Horses released their 2011 debut record Hearts, a collection of these distorted shoegaze sound, front-loaded by two of the more epic songs I have ever heard – the title track and Winter Beats. Afterwards tho, the band slowly disappeared from public view, even cancelling their headlining tour, quietly content to release output through their music videos only. Fittingly, this reclusion is befitting of the mysterious aura that I Break Horses and their music give.

Well, I Break Horses are back with their sophomore record Chiaroscuro. The album title refers to a state of in-between, a contrast between light light and dark. And this is how I Break Horses approached their record. Chiaroscuro is definitely more muted than Hearts – gone are the epicness of Winter Beats and Hearts. In place are a more nuanced and subdued beauty. It’s not immediately apparent, but it’s there hiding underneath the shoegaze sound.

Watch the video for first single You Burn Embedded below.

I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro comes out 1/21 via Bella Union (order here)



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One Response to Album To Check Out: I Break Horses – Chiaroscuro

  1. imveryape says:

    Haven’t heard these guys since Winter Beats in 2011. Great track, thanks for posting it!

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