Concert Gallery: Phosphorescent w/ Caveman @ The Firebird

Phosphorescent09Last night brought the Brooklyn via Alabama singer Matthew Houck aka Phosphorescent to a bitterly cold night in St Louis. While it was one of the most frigid nights during this winter in the Missouri area, Houck was able to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the show. Backed up by a full six-man band, Phosphorescent serenaded the eager, sold-out crowd at the Firebird with a collection of his lovely songs, most of which were drawn from his latest record Muchacho. While the full band allowed Houck to occasionally rock out, it was the more quiet songs that highlight his beautifully soothing voice. It was this voice that gave warmth to the crowd and made the trek to the venue in the cold all the worth it. I personally really enjoyed the show. Being that it was my first show for the year. It looks like 2014 is off to a great start.

Fellow Brooklynites Caveman opened for Phosphorescent and they were able to give the night a lively start with their jamming tribal beats and rock sound. It was a good exercise to warm up the crowd and paved the way for the comforting warmth ahead.

Check out photos I took from the show below as well as a video of Phosphorescent performing the rocking Muchacho track, The Quotidian Beasts.


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