Album To Check Out: Drowners – Drowners

drownersFor a lot of us millenial music lovers who were around at the turn of the century, The Strokes’ debut record, Is This It, has been a touchstone that has shaped and formed our malleable musical minds. We were enamored by the raw garage punk sound that Julian Casablancas and friends brought with them. Is This It showed us the dualities of the grittiness and the cool of New York City and the possibilities it has to offer.

It is this same touchstone that the self-titled record of New York quartet, the Drowners presented for their debut. Just as The Strokes are heavily influenced by The Velvet Underground, the songs of the Drowners seem to be indebted from The Strokes school of music. That is to say, the songs are all short, sweet, punchy, and hook-laden. They’re about being alive in the City whilst chasing and breaking hearts. Lead singer Matthew Hitt originally grew up at the other side of the pond in Wales, but have since amiably settled into the New York City lifestyle. He epitomizes this newer updated version of the NYC kids – young, fast, and pretty (Hitt was a model before founding Drowners). Hitt’s Welsh background also explains the strong hint on Britpop found throughout the band’s sound. Drowners is a breezy, easily enjoyable record that appeals to both those who grew up with The Strokes and those discovering the NYC lifestyle for the first time.

Check out first single Luv, Hold Me Down embedded below.

Drowners – Drowners comes out 1/28 via Frenchkiss (order here)



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