Album To Check Out: Temples – Sun Structures

templesFor a band with such a young pedigree, the English rock band Temples, sure have racked up a lot of accolades. Not only did Noel Gallagher of Oasis call them the “best new band in Britain”, but the quartet from Kettering Northhamptonshire have opened for such luminaries as The Rolling Stones (!). All the massive support and hype would be for naught though if Temples don’t back it with their music. Good thing they did.

With their debut record Sun Structures, Temples play a kind of psychedelic rock that name checks heroes The Beatles and The Byrds. Though their music is more swirling and reverb-heavy, you can still sense the pop-driven melodies that similarly drives the music of their forebearers under the haze. In a lot of ways, Temples are not unlike contemporaries Tame Impala who, with their excellent record Lonerism, brought back and re-invented psychedelia rock for the more mainstream. Critics such as NME have bought in to the hype, now let’s see if Temples are fit to carry them.

Temples are coming to St Louis. They will be playing at the Firebird on 4/30 (tickets here)

Check out the massive single Mesmerise embedded below

Temples – Sun Structures comes out 2/11 via Heavenly (order here)



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