Album To Check Out: Lost In The Trees – Past Life

lostinthetreesI had the chance to check out North Carolina band Lost in the Trees the past couple of years. I saw them for the first time, way back in 2009 when the band just self-released their debut record All Alone in an Empty House. I didn’t know anything about the band yet, but Lost in the Trees easily caught my attention. It wasn’t just the gorgeous orchestral nature of the band’s songs (as composed by leadman Ari Picket) that intrigued me, but also it was the band’s sprawling size. They have around 8 or 9 people, including a full string section of 2 violinists and 2 cellists. And it was quite a sight seeing them trying to fit the stage of the tiny club they were playing at.

When Lost in the Trees released their sophomore record A Church That Fits Our Needs in 2012, the band has trimmed downed to a core lineup of seven. The songs are just as intricately and beautifully built as they from their debut. But while the songs from All Alone are generally moody and melancholy, songs from A Church That Fits are sadder and more sombre, especially since they were about the subject of Picker’s mom taking her life back in 09.

With Lost in the Tree‘s newest record Past Life though, a transformation has taken place. The band has trimmed down to an even smaller core of four. But the songs themselves have changed a lot too. They are now lighter and more self-assured – almost happier. They are no means upbeat, but Picker seems to have found some sense of peace within himself and the songs reflect that. Past Life is still appropriately haunting, but now there’s an air of sweetness to it.

Lost in the Trees are coming to St Louis. They will be playing at the Old Rockhouse on 4/24 (tickets here)

Watch the video for title track Past Life embedded below.

Lost in the Trees – Past Life comes out 2/18 via Anti- (order here)



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