Album To Check Out: St Vincent – St Vincent

stvincentAnnie Clark has always been an oddball of sorts. Though technically classified as a singer-songwriter, Annie Clark creates music that is more quirky and artful under her St Vincent moniker. The songs’ lyrics are mostly about domestic banality and dry observations, but under Clark, they are lusciously accompanied by progressive staccato beats and Clark’s sing-songy voice. The end result is usually more than not, something utterly delightful.

I have been following St Vincent since her fantastic debut Marry Me back in 2007. With each subsequent album, you can sense that Clark has grown more confident and bold with her music. With her fourth and newest self-titled album, Annie Clark has once again reinvented herself both musically and now, also physically. I first saw this physical transformation when I saw her guesting during The National‘s set during Lollapalooza last summer. When she first came out, I was initially confused by who this girl with poofy gray hair was. Turns out Clark traded her jet-black curls for some grey dyes. It makes for a very striking appearance and you feel that this bold physical change, as well as the accompanying musical progression was a result of Clark touring extensively with David Byrne as part of their Love This Giant act.

Musically, St Vincent the record takes its cues from where her previous record Strange Mercy hinted about. Backed by a band now, St Vincent‘s music is more enveloping and fuller. It is also more melody-driven instead of just beats. And it’s funkier and rockier too (likely Byrne’s influence) yet ironically more traditional in a sense. St Vincent the record is still distinctively Annie Clark though. And for fans of Clark, that is all that matters.

Watch the video for Digital Witness embedded below.

St Vincent – St Vincent comes out 2/25 via Loma Vista (order here)



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