Concert Gallery: Houndmouth @ Plush

Houndmouth02Last Saturday night brought the Louisville band Houndmouth to Plush here in St Louis for a rowdy fun night of music and merry-making. The young, winsome four-piece composed of guitarist Matt Myers, keyboardist Katie Toupin, bassist Zak Appleby, and drummer Shane Cody, treatedthe crowd to its homegrown blend of Americana folk roots songs. Trading vocals, sharing harmonies, and even switching harmonies, the band was clearly having a lot of fun as they played around and bantered with the boisterous crowd. A perfect inviting Saturday night to cap a long week.

Rapper/comedian(?) Howell Dowdy opened the night. Looking like a slimmer Zach Galifianakis and just as unhinged, Dowdy had the early sparse crowd in stiches. Whether they were laughing with him or at him is unsure.

Check out photos from the show below below as well as Houndmouth performing their single On The Road.


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